Kipor KDE6700TA Generator


Daily: £130.00

Weekly: £260.00


The 6700TA generator is equipped with Kipor’s sturdy four-stroke engine, a highly-effective system that ensures complete combustion with a large double wall/silencer dampening exhaust noise and engine sounds.

All the control units of the generator sets are on one panel which displays the real-time working data of the generator set such as its output voltage, current and other functions.

We can supply acoustic hoods for these generators to reduce ambient noise which we recommend. Hoods are an additional £20.00 per day/week.
We can also supply mains distribution and cable ramps.
Please call for further details +44 (0) 207 252 8271

(Diesel fuel is not included)
NB: Delivery & collection by vehicle fitted with ramp or tail lift is necessary. These items will not fit in to the back of your car.

Features & Specifications

  • Output:5.0kVA / 3.75KW
  • BS4343 Industrial Sockets: 1 x 230V 32A, 2 x 110V 16A & 1 x 110V 32A
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) delivers non-fluctuating power
  • Noise Level: Noise level (zero load-full load): 70-74[dBA/7m]
  • Powerful KM186FAGET diesel engine
  • Optional electric starter
  • Automatic shutdown feature triggered by low oil pressure alert system

Weight & Dimensions

  • Dry Weight: 165 Kg
  • Height: 740 mm
  • Width: 520 mm
  • Length: 910 mm