Mural by Artmongers at Music Room London

The Mural by Patricio Forrester of Artmongers was commissioned by Music Room London. A creative collaboration between Artmongers and Music Room London, the journey began to create our new mural in May 2016.

The process required quite a bit of scaffolding, gallons of paint and several months of sweat and tears. But as you can now see the finished mural looks amazing!

See the scale of the work as our project unfolds, finally delivering something for all the world to enjoy for many years to come.

A very big thank you to everyone involved with this brilliant project, it would not have been possible without you. Moreover this is something for us all to be very proud of –
Thank you.

Gordon Gapper
Music Room London 2016

Mural by Artmongers at Music Room London

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60 years of the Stratocaster guitar

The Fender Stratocaster guitar is celebrating 60 years of hit making and the Routemaster London Bus is also celebrating 60 years of transporting Londoners and visitors around the Capital.

60 Years of the Fender Stratocaster

Fender have designed 25 limited edition Routemaster inspired Stratocaster guitars, to mark these anniversaries, and TFL have wrapped a number 24 bus in a unique Fender Stratocaster design.

On Tuesday 19th August the specially designed 24 bus was unveiled in Camden where it played host to an exclusive pop up performance. Music Room London were on board to lend a helping hand.

60 Years of the Fender Stratocaster

We all had an amazing afternoon with Fender on TFL’s Routemaster listening to fantastic performances from –  Violet Bones,  Bare Hunter, Arcane Roots and Lower Than Atlantis.

60 Years of the Fender Stratocaster

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Music Room London and TFL join forces for The Bus Jam

On Sunday the 18th of May a team from Music Room London headed down to New Cross Bus garage to meet a ‘Boris Bus’, one of the new generation of Routemaster buses. Bus spotting isn’t normally a part of the Music Room routine, but this was a gig we couldn’t resist.

The Bus Jam

The brief was to set up a battery-powered sound system inside the bus, along with a keyboard powered from a special battery system with an inverter (a device which creates 240v mains power from a couple of 12-volt batteries). Big sound on the big bus!

The Bus Jam

We set up all the equipment at the Gate bus garage and, with the new Boris Bus freshened up by a hand wash, and with one of our sound engineers aboard, we headed east and turned the big red thing into the venue for some exclusive performances from singer-songwriter Laura Mvula and soul singer Omar (typical: you wait ages for a decent singer and then two come along at once).

The Bus Jam

Invited guests watched the artists perform as the bus travelled to Shoreditch, central London and then to Camden. And we didn’t see an Oyster Card once.

The gigs (in association with Transport for London) formed part of a series of events, exhibitions and activities to reconnect Londoners with the bus network, and helped to raise awareness about Oxjam, a month-long music festival raising money for charity Oxfam. You won’t have to queue for long to see it; the gigs will be on MTV Bass soon.

Full list of artists and locations on the day:
@Shoreditch – Merdian Dan, Ghetts Bashy.
@ Oxford Street –  Zara McFarlane, Omar, Laura Mvula.
@Camden – LA Salami, Josh Record.

The Bus Jam

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Electro-Voice Speaker Repairs


Re-cones and spares for Electro-Voice, JBL, FBT, Peavey, DB Technologies and more.

For more  information click here or on the ‘Read More’ link.

Electro-Voice Speakers

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Music Room London Featured on Fazer’s Urban Symphony – BBC Three


A BBC Three documentary follows Fazer and seven young musicians’ journey to the stage of the Royal Albert Hall as they join the BBC Symphony Orchestra to perform in this year’s Urban Classic Prom.

Fazer of N-Dubz fame is outing himself as a closet classical music fan and is now on a mission to bring the genre to a whole new generation of British teens, many of whom have never heard the sweeping strings of Tchaikovsky or intricate layers of Bach before.

From Shevelle, an 18-year-old gospel singer from London, to Adil, aka Sin Seer, an MC/Rapper from Manchester, Fazer has assembled seven talented young musicians who are united in their opinion of classical music: ‘it’s boring, for old posh people, they’d never listen to it on their ipod and would likely fall asleep at a concert’.

Seventeen-year-old Curtis, a rapper from London ‘doesn’t see the point in music without words’ and like Sam, 22, a rapper, singer and beatboxer, he thinks classical music is for rich people. Fazer is out to dispel those myths and give those who wouldn’t otherwise, the opportunity to experience the music, the orchestra and the concert hall first-hand.

Fazer’s new recruits will join the BBC Symphony Orchestra to play the grime star’s latest composition, which aims to unite his two new worlds of classical and urban groove. The pressure is on for the group’s first ever performance, at the world famous BBC Proms on 10 August.

A two-part documentary for BBC Three will follow Fazer as he introduces Samara, 16, a singer from Luton; Vic, 21 who plays guitar, mandolin and Chinese flute; and drummer and guitarist Benji, 22, from Wiltshire to classical music, and prepares them for a concert of a lifetime.

Fazer says: “Hopefully they’ll get the same inspiration and feeling that I got when I first worked with an 85-piece orchestra. It’s like 3D music, music in high definition.”

Zai Bennett, Controller of BBC Three, says: “I’m really excited that this year BBC Three viewers from across the UK will be able to watch the first ever Urban Classic Prom as well as getting a first hand, behind-the-scenes account from Fazer and his urban orchestra of the kind of preparation involved to performing at such an event.”

Watch a trailer for the show here


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