Musicroom London is the place for repairs, setups and modifications to your guitar & stringed instruments. All work is carried out at our premises by our resident guitar guru – Dean Gaisburgh Watkyn.


Please see our guitar repair and set up price guide below.

Should additional work become apparent during the repair we will ask you to agree any additional costs for the work before we carry it out.

We can also repair most stringed instruments.

Please call to discuss your requirements 020 7252 8271

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Electric and guitars and bass set ups and repair price guide

  • Guitar Setup – £50
  • Bass Setup  – £70
  • Nut replacement (includes a setup, guitar or bass) – £90
  • Fret Dress / or partial fret   (guitar or bass, includes a set up) – £110
  • Re-Fret (guitar or bass) – £210
  • Rewiring (guitar or bass) – £50 + parts

Acoustic guitars set ups and repair price guide

  • Saddle work on steel string acoustic – From £50
  • Setup – £50
  • Electrical work on semi acoustic – From £80
  • Fret Dress / Or partial fret – £110

It may not be possible to give a price for repair work until the instrument has been fully inspected by our guitar department for which there maybe a one off charge of £50 if we are not commissioned to carry out the repair work immediately post inspection.

Please download our WORKSHOP REPAIR SHEET, fill it out and bring it with you with your guitar when you come.

*NB: All prices exclude VAT @ 20%

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