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Fender Bus Jam August 2014

The Fender Stratocaster guitar is celebrating 60 years of hit making and the Routemaster London Bus is also celebrating 60 years of transporting Londoners and visitors around the Capital.

Fender have designed 25 limited edition Routemaster inspired Stratocaster guitars, to mark these anniversaries, and TFL have wrapped a number 24 bus in a unique Fender Stratocaster design.

On Tuesday 19th August the specially designed 24 bus was unveiled in Camden where it played host to an exclusive pop up performance. Music Room London were on board to lend a helping hand, we all had an amazing afternoon with Fender on TFL’s Routemaster listening to fantastic performances from -  Violet Bones,  Bare Hunter, Arcane Roots and Lower Than Atlantis

Mural By Artmongers

The Mural by Patricio Forrester of Artmongers was commissioned by Music Room London. 

A creative collaboration between Artmongers and Music Room London, the journey began to create our new mural in May 2016.


The process required quite a bit of scaffolding, gallons of paint and several months of sweat and tears. But as you can now see the finished mural looks amazing!

See the scale of the work as our project unfolds, finally delivering something for all the world to enjoy for many years to come.


A very big thank you to everyone involved with this brilliant project, it would not have been possible without you. Moreover this is something for us all to be very proud of – Thank you.

About Music Room London

Music Room London established its first rehearsal studio in 1985, when it was located in the basement of The Garden Gallery on Monson Road, New Cross Gate.


This small basement studio, famous for its toasted cheese sandwiches, was frequented by many including Daevid Allen’s Franco-British progressive/psychedelic rock band Gong. The old green shop front of the gallery and Music Room London can be seen clearly in the 2004 movie Shaun of The Dead, which was filmed across in the Duke of Albany pub (The Winchester) and in the street outside.​ We later moved to the former New Cross Library an Andrew Carnegie building in 1994 and created five rehearsal studios. Incorporating in 2003, before which we had been known as simply ‘Music Room’ we became known as Music Room London.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we have been transforming our space into a multi-cultural arts centre and in the coming months we will be offering Rehearsals, Live Music & Live Streaming, The Old Library Bar & Venue and an Online / Physical Art Gallery.

Arthur Lee & Lee Hazlewood

One of Music Room London’s most enduring rehearsal clients are ‘The High Llamas’.


Formed by guitarist and songwriter Sean O’Hagan who introduced several legions of rockers to us at Music Room London.


Arthur Lee rehearsed with the High Llamas back in Music Room London’s Monson Road day’s around 1998.


Lee Hazlewood (July 9, 1929 – August 4, 2007), rehearsed at Music Room London for his final European tour circa 2001 at our current location, accompanied by his friend the late great guitar player Al Casey (The Wrecking Crew, Elvis Presley etc).


Lee returned for his last gig, the Heroes & Villains Festival at the Royal Festival Hall in 2004.

Shaun Of The Dead

Music Room London was home for Zombies during the filming of comedy/horror film Shaun of The Dead in a five-day piece of location work. 

The former library became base camp, housing make-up, wardrobe and catering for most of the five day’s shooting which took place locally at The Duke of Albany Public House in Monson Road London New Cross Gate SE14 and known in the film as The Winchester Arms.

Army trucks, military equipment and other paraphernalia trundled up and down the small terraced street through the night – all under the fierce blaze of the set lighting. The shoot culminated on the final night with the local pub being set ablaze as part of a scene with some spectacular special effects.

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