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5 professionally equipped

rehearsal studios.


Studio 1 is the largest of the Music Room London rehearsal studios, with a spacious 71 square metres to work with. It is perfect for rehearsals and is also ideally suited to dance and photographic sessions, performance, choreography and photo shoots and other applications where space with professional lighting rigs are required.

Studio spec

- 2.5kw FBT PA Speakers

- 3 x 2 way 1kw monitoring and drum fill

- Allen & Heath GL2200 24 Channel Mixer

- Lexicon MX200 Dual Reverb Effects Processor

- Acoustic Piano (£10 per session)

Size: 6.15m x 12.50m


Studio 2 is a very comfortably-sized rehearsal studio, with an area of 33 square metres. Attractively designed and outfitted with an FBT PA system. This room offers a versatile, useable space suitable for many applications.

Studio spec

- FBT Verve 15A PA Speakers

- Drum fill

- Proel 16 Channel Mixer w/ Digital Effects Processor

- Acoustic Piano (£10 per session)

Size: 4.40m x 7.40m