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The Music Room Online Art Gallery is delighted to present works from Nick Kobyluch. 


After leaving art college Nick worked for many years as a freelance illustrator. Based in London his clients included The Observer, Radio Times, The National Lottery, Oxford University Press, New Scientist and Time Out amongst others.


The last decade has seen Nick move away from commercial work and his artistic practice now focuses on the drawn image, whether representational or abstract, his aim is simply to explore line, form and colour.


Nick uses a number of materials to produce his pictures including graphite, charcoal and watercolour but most of his work is done in acrylic ink. The medium's versatility he finds gives him greater freedom to explore and experiment within his drawings - as it allows both spontaneous and accidental mark making as well as more controlled and considered draughtsmanship.


For a number of years Nick was a member of The Skylark Artists Collective and exhibited at their gallery at The OXO Building on London’s South Bank. Nick continues to show with them at art fairs and shows across the UK.


Now based in Yorkshire Nick has recently exhibited in the ‘Made in York’ gallery - a successful artist led project to turn an unused city centre retail space into a community run art venue.

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